President Trump made certain to bring up Hunter Biden during Tuesday night’s debate and his board membership at Burisma and the $3.5 million wire transfer from the wife of Moscow’s mayor (which Biden said had been “totally discredited” by “everybody” — did CNN’s fact-checker get on that?). No, Hunter Biden’s not running for office and it wouldn’t matter to Biden’s supporters anyway, but a lot of us have serious questions about how the younger Biden managed to score these high-paying gigs while flying around with his vice president father on Air Force Two.

Biden doesn’t like to talk about Hunter and claims he knew nothing about what he was doing in Ukraine other than it was on the level. CNN’s John King on Wednesday seemed to disagree, calling Hunter a “liability” as well as a “swamp creature.”

We’re not sure how effective the Hunter Biden angle is going to be; yeah, his business dealings are super-shady, but without the mainstream media to connect the dots to the former vice president, it’s not going to resonate with undecideds.


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