Tuesday night’s debate was a bit of a mess. He’s done it several times already, so we knew Joe Biden was going to work in the lie that President Trump called the neo-Nazis in Charlotteville “very fine people” — he also asked CNN in August if they’d ever heard Trump “say one negative thing about white supremacists.” It’s a lie he keeps repeating so no one calls him on it. Moderator/debater Chris Wallace asked Trump if he’d denounce white supremacy, which should have been a quick “Absolutely.” Instead, he quickly pivoted to left-wing violence from Antifa, which Joe Biden laughed off as not an organization, but an idea.

Along with Townhall’s Julio Rosas, Blaze TV’s Elijah Schaffer has been on the ground with video camera in hand for a lot of riots that the mainstream media don’t want to cover, and he has some thoughts about Antifa just being an “idea.”

Sleepy Joe probably thinks that Antifa just means anti-fascist, like those brave American soldiers storming the beach at Normandy. To be fair, he probably doesn’t spend that much time on social media or Fox News, where he might see video of that “idea” in action, assaulting journalists, smashing windows, and starting fires. If Antifa is just an idea and not an organization, who organizes who will be medics, who will set the dumpsters on fire in the street, who will block intersections, and who will be in charge of blocking journalists’ cameras with umbrellas or signs?

We honestly don’t think he does. Why would he, unless he spends more time on Twitter than we suspect — which is none.

Funny how all of these unorganized people wear the same clothing and show up at the same place.

The man who shot a Trump supporter in Portland claimed he was “100 percent Antifa.”