It wasn’t that long ago that Breitbart’s Joel Pollak confronted Joe Biden at the Iowa State Fair and accused him of misquoting President Trump on white supremacists, repeating the “very fine people” hoax that was definitely debunked in a great video by memesmith Carpe Donktum.

Biden’s at it again, and he seems to think it’s a winning strategy; don’t forget that his campaign launch video went into great detail about white nationalism and repeated the Charlottesville hoax.

Here’s more video of Biden on the stump claiming that Trump has not ever uttered a word of condemnation against white supremacists like David Duke and Richard Spencer, whom CNN wasn’t above inviting on and giving a platform for his special take on white supremacy. The video also includes ample evidence of Trump denouncing Duke well before his campaign.

Serious question: If the debate comes down to Biden and Trump (which it certainly might) and Biden launches into the Charlottesville hoax again, will a moderator like Candy Crowley or John Harwood run out to “correct” Trump — “No, sir, you did indeed call neo-Nazis very fine people.”

We’re sorry; three years of Russian collusion was enough, but now having to deal with the new Russian conspiracy — white supremacy — is really insulting.

He can’t even go into a 7/11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts without a slight Indian accent, you know.

With his good buddy and former Klan leader Robert Byrd? Yeah, they don’t even acknowledge his past.

CNN certainly did.

If there’s so much policy-wise on which to oppose the president — the Green New Deal, higher taxes, reparations, abortion — then why not stick to those winning policies and give up the white supremacist act?