As Twitchy reported earlier, progressives were as caring as ever when news came out that former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale had been taken into custody “after allegedly threatening to harm himself at his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.”

Bodycam footage was somehow obtained by Pattern Integrity Films, who describe themselves in their Twitter bio as a “bold husband/wife filmmaking duo in Portland, Or. creating content that goes BOOM FOR REAL.” They’ve titled the video, “Brad Parscale taken into custody after armed standoff,” although we’d need a lot more video to believe the bit about the armed standoff. To be honest, we don’t know a lot about what went on, but things look pretty calm in the bodycam video until police knock Parscale to the ground and cuff him.

That’s a whole lot less dramatic than we were set up to believe.

Maybe the armed standoff took place before this video cuts in? Parscale looks pretty calm.

Why didn’t they just send a social worker if he was threatening self-harm?

Very wise words.

Yeah, we really need a lot more information than just this video clip, but there’s so much political bias involved in the coverage.