Keep in mind that Ibram X. Kendi’s tweet about white colonizers “adopting” black children so they could civilize the little savages in the superior ways of white people was inspired by a tweet saying “it is going to be interesting to watch the Democrats try to smear Amy Coney Barrett as a racist.” And knowing that Kendi, author of “How to Be an Antiracist,” believes there’s no such thing as not racist when it comes to whites, only the attempt to cover for one’s racism, it’s pretty clear what he was saying.

Jonathan Chait of all people has decided to defend Kendi’s tweet by saying it’s being misconstrued:

Um, as to point No. 1: The original poster didn’t say Barrett adopting Haitian children “proves she isn’t racist”; she said it will be interesting watching Democrats try to smear her as a racist, which some already are. And as for point No. 3: Anyone familiar with Kendi’s work knows he is saying Barrett is racist. Everyone’s racist, even those who buy his book on how to be anti-racist. No one’s misconstruing anything.

Here’s an exercise for Chait: Tweet your buddy Kendi and ask him outright, is Amy Coney Barrett a racist? Remember, there’s no such thing as “not racist” in Kendi’s world.

Since Kendi brought up white colonizers using their civilized black children as “props in their lifelong pictures of denial” in the context of Barrett’s family, we’d say nobody’s misconstruing anything.