As Twitchy reported, the first hot takes about likely Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett are coming in, with “deeply concerned” people wanting to know more about her treatment of her children adopted from Haiti, seeing as transracial adoption “is fraught with potential for trauma or harm.”

First, we’re getting word from Siraj Hashmi that Jenny Beth Martin is getting nominated for “the list” because she used a photo of Amy Coney Barrett’s sister in her tweet. Apparently not noticing or caring was critical race theory darling Ibram X. Kendi of “there is no such thing as not racist” fame. He did take the opportunity to speak up about Barrett’s adoption, noting that white colonizers “adopted” black children to use as “props in their lifelong pictures of denial.”

So is Kendi saying that Barrett is racist? Of course he is — like he said, there’s no such thing as “not racist.” So there goes Barrett’s long-con of adopting black children knowing one day it might help her be nominated to the Supreme Court.

Ten million dollars, yes.

And yes, Kendi is considered one of the top-tier thinkers on race and racism right now.


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