We actually saw this video making the rounds over the weekend, but after seeing the TikTok video of the young woman so triggered by a pro-life sign she wished she had been aborted, we figured today was as good a day as any for insane TikTok videos. We still don’t get the appeal of TikTok, but it’s a confessional for a lot of people, and this video makes a lot more sense if you just see it as what’s going inside the minds of the liberal media as they struggle to suppress how they really feel about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death Friday night (language warning):

David Limbaugh assumes that “like-minded psychos” will appreciate it.

Word is that TikTok user @distelthirst has since deleted the original, for reasons we can’t possibly imagine.

All she had to do was stay alive until 2021!

She probably works at her local NPR station.

Again, this is what every mainstream news anchor wishes they could have done when they broke in Friday night with the news.


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