We’re not exactly sure when TikToker @lilsuezivert made this video, but we feel pretty comfortable saying that she should probably spend less time on TikTok and more time on a psychiatrist’s couch:

That’s not the first time she’s addressed abortion on TikTok:


after party vibes. i have not an ounce of rythm in my body. #fyp #prochoice

♬ After Party – Don Toliver


one of my fav moral examinations & what i usually use when debating abortion rights. the more u know? #prochoice #politics #philosophy

♬ Baby One More Time – Cory Nation

But it’s her most unhinged take on the subject as far as we can tell. Maybe one of the most unhinged takes we’ve seen yet.

If her video is any indication, she needs a great deal of it. Let’s hope she gets the help she needs.