Sen. Susan Collins, who won’t say who she’s voting for in November, did what she and Sen. Lisa Murkowski always do: stick together. As Twitchy reported Friday, Murkowski announced she will not vote to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg until after Election Day. “Fair is fair,” she said.

It was only a matter of time until Collins announced she too would not vote on a Supreme Court nominee until after the election. Collins’ office released a statement Saturday saying “in fairness to the American people,” who voted for President Trump by the way, “the Senate should not vote on the nominee prior to the election.”

What a surprise. And then there’s squish Mitt Romney to think about. But here’s a good point:

At least Collins’ conscience would be clear knowing she could possibly hand the next Supreme Court nomination to Joe Biden.

It’s not fair to the people who voted for Collins because claimed to be a Republican.