As Twitchy reported over the weekend, it looked like the memo President Trump had sent out ordering an accounting of taxpayer money put toward critical race theory workshops and courses on how to deconstruct white male culture was getting results. A Department of Energy lab announced in an email to its employees that diversity, equity, and inclusion training was being put on hold, and Sandia National Laboratories, the federal government’s premier nuclear research lab, seemed to have canceled training given by a contractor named White Men as Full Diversity Partners.

Christopher Rufo has been behind the effort and has been sort of a clearinghouse of training materials sent by whistleblowers. He was celebrating the news over the weekend, but on Monday said the CDC is going ahead with its critical race theory training program.

Keep in mind for later in this thread one of the goals for participants: to organize for action by joining an “anti-racism collaborative.” It’s activism.

Looks like CDC employees will learn about the “Blue Code of Silence” and how communities of color are over-policed. We’re always amused by the disclaimer “police killings of unarmed black men” — the Kenosha riots were over an armed black man (who wasn’t killed), and the Lancaster riots were over the killing of a black man armed with a knife. The media throws around “unarmed” like they do “mostly peaceful.”

Here, again, are all of those signs of a white supremacist ideology that the Smithsonian and other organizations have helped disseminate: meritocracy, a focus on the individual, man’s “usurious relationship with the planet,” and the myth of American exceptionalism.

Note that the “History” collective action team is encouraged to use the New York Times’ discredited 1619 Project.

Aren’t there other things the CDC should be working on at the moment besides giving a boost to the Black Lives Matter movement?

Crystal clear.