As Twitchy reported, the man who allegedly shot and killed a Trump supporter wearing a Patriot Prayer hat Saturday night in downtown Portland had proclaimed that he is “100 percent Antifa” and had been released by police after being arrested at a riot in July and charged with illegally possessing a loaded firearm and other crimes.

Andy Ngo further reports that a group of mostly peaceful protesters in Portland didn’t seem to broken up about the shooting, and cheered when a woman announced that she wasn’t sad that “a f**king fascist died tonight.”

What’s really saddening is that about half of the people in Ngo’s comments don’t seem to be moved at all, with some making fun of the victim.

Note to all the moderate Democrats out there: electing Joe Biden will do absolutely nothing to quell this unrest. The riots aren’t going away because of an election. They rioted throughout the Obama-Biden administration and the White House watched Ferguson and Baltimore burn.

Paging Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy. You’re the media reporters; why aren’t clips like this being broadcast?

These are the people on whom Mayor Ted Wheeler thought giving the police a stand-down order would have a “calming de-escalating effect.” But it looks like they’ve tasted blood and are thirsty for more.


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