If you tuned into the Republican National Convention Monday night, there’s a very good chance you’re going to want to watch again Tuesday night. The lineup of speakers was excellent, and the production values were top-notch.

We’re set for another great lineup of speakers on Day 2, and the New York Times was good enough to provide a short bio of each one who’ll be appearing in prime time. Ben Shapiro had a look and found the Times’ bios — get this — hilariously biased.

A teenager who just won settlements from CNN and the Washington Post after being confronted by a Native American man who pretended to be a Vietnam War veteran and was smeared by the media as a racist for wearing a MAGA hat.

Her son was killed in a car crash, but we’d prefer to talk about her tenuous connection to Steve Bannon’s indictment.

Funny how they never describe Kamala Harris as the woman who eviscerated Joe Biden at the debates for supporting segregationist policies.

Ordered to submit to questioning under oath? What’s he charged with?

And Joe Biden had to drop out of his presidential bid over plagiarism. At least they didn’t describe her as that foreigner who wrecked our history by renovating the Rose Garden.

We mean, it’s always obvious that the mainstream press is biased, but these two convention weeks have just been ridiculous as far as the reporting has been concerned. “We were all set to fact-check the Democratic National Convention, but everything we heard was true.”

And check this out:

We’re afraid to go back to yesterday to see how they described Herschel Walker and Sen. Tim Scott. “Pro football great Herschel Walker is known on social media as an Uncle Tom for his conservative viewpoints.”