As Twitchy reported earlier Tuesday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has a new plan to make it safe to reopen the schools this fall during the COVID-19 epidemic: Public schools could open up outdoor classrooms while city workers inspect every single classroom in the city’s 1,800 public schools for air quality and ventilation. What about winter? Global warming seems to have solved that issue, with de Blasio explaining that “the winters aren’t the winters we used to know.”

Principals aren’t happy about having less than three weeks to prepare for outdoor instruction, and in the Bronx, they’re opposing outdoor classrooms because of gun violence and drug use.

The New York Post reports:

Nearly two dozen Bronx principals say they’d love to have outdoor classrooms — if only they didn’t have to worry about their students getting shot or picking up used drug syringes off the ground.

“Most of the parks next to the schools which we use for recess belongs to the Parks Department has to be cleaned daily as syringes and other drug paraphernalia are constantly found there each morning among broken beer bottles, urine etc.,’’ the letter said.

On Tuesday, The Post found at least five syringes littering the playground at PS 18 on Morris Avenue in District 7 in the South Bronx — and five more of the used drug instruments along the sidewalk outside, as three to four spaced-out, disheveled derelicts hung around the fence.

We were assured that de Blasio in 2018 had planned to hire six workers to remove used needles from parks because drug users just weren’t using the needle disposal bins the city had put up.

So students can’t go back to the classroom because of the coronavirus, and they can’t have outdoor classes because they’ll catch HIV from all the needles, if they’re not shot first. Sounds to us like they’d be safer opening up the schools and taking their chances with COVID-19 — but the teachers unions won’t allow that.


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