Shaun King, who once was the senior justice writer at the New York Daily News but now, according to his Twitter bio, runs a bunch of political action committees, doesn’t do things by half-measures: After statues started coming down after George Floyd’s death, King insisted that all depictions of Jesus as a white European were “a gross form of white supremacy” and must come down, though the privileged white person in us would like to keep Michelangelo’s Pietà as is and not covered with a black tarp.

Now, following the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisc., King is telling us that “mayhem is the consequence” of not completely dismantling American policing.

We have Joe Biden insisting he doesn’t want to defund the police, but we have leftists like King arguing for the “complete dismantling” of police in America. He’s still going to vote for Kamala Harris even though she was part of the system, though.

OK: If people didn’t have to shoplift bread to feed their families, there’s be no crime. So we should just set up Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ bread lines now and be done with it.

Good idea. He could be that social worker that shows up when an armed man is committing domestic violence.