They’ve already been toppling statues of missionaries and saints, but Shaun King, aka Talcum X, is calling for all depictions of Jesus as a white European — statues, murals, paintings, stained glass windows — to come down. That would leave a lot of huge gaps in art museums — time to put Michelangelo’s Pietà in storage with a tarp over it — but it only makes sense, since Jesus wasn’t a white European and depicting him as such is a gross form of white supremacy.

In his speech where he didn’t call neo-Nazis fine people, President Trump did ask how far the demand for statues to come down would go, but he didn’t go as far as Jesus Christ, and frankly, we’d never considered it. That’s why King is here — to educate us.

Will the statue of Vladimir Lenin in Seattle be the last statue left standing in America?

Remember how crazy we went when the neighbors put up a black Santa Claus? That’s right, you weren’t there, but it was ugly.

To blend in. Otherwise, they would have headed north to what would become Denmark.

One final dunk:

Remember how when socialist Bernie Sanders tried to set a socialist model for America to follow he always picked lily-white Denmark? Hmm…