The Democratic National Convention wrapped up late Thursday night with Joe Biden’s official acceptance of the Democratic nomination for president, but we’re still trying to process all we saw. Even the fact-checkers who promised to keep an ear tuned to the Democrats’ speeches are still hard at work proving that Republicans’ criticisms about the convention were “mostly false.”

This tweet from Michael Tracey on Friday just came across our timeline, and we’ll admit, we really didn’t notice that President Trump’s historic, bipartisan (thanks, Mitt) impeachment didn’t even rate a mention as the speakers all unified around the idea that Trump is just not up to the job and horribly suited to be president. We guess we didn’t notice because it really hasn’t come up recently — everyone’s moved on to the latest conspiracy theory about the Postal Service. We did hear, though, how Trump killed a woman’s father by giving him COVID-19.

We’d be certain Rep. Adam Schiff would have brought it up if he were a speaker, except maybe he’d have been given an order by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who also spoke and didn’t mention it, to keep his mouth shut. Looks like impeachment wasn’t the winning issue they thought it was.

As we said, Trump’s attack on the Postal Service is this week’s talking point.

Good point; maybe (for once) they decided not to be hypocrites because their man Bill Clinton was a featured speaker.

Not even Julia Louis-Dreyfus made a cringe-inducing stand-up joke about it, that how far off the table it was.