Remember Charlie Dent? If you’re from Pennsylvania you might be familiar with the former congressman, but CNN’s treating him like royalty Wednesday. Dent, a Republican, is endorsing Joe Biden for president — a lot of RINOs are — and CNN’s given him space for an op-ed and also a slot on Jake Tapper’s show, “The Lead.”

Does Dent also want Jill Biden to be his mommy?

As we said, Dent wasn’t given just space for an op-ed but some airtime as well, and Tapper got into the primary wins of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Laura Loomer, leading him to ask Dent if the Republican Party is “now the party of deranged bigots.”

Tapper tweeted about Sarsour Tuesday night, so we know he knows she appeared. Will he ask Speaker Nancy Pelosi if the Democratic Party is the party of anti-Semitism? They almost passed a resolution denouncing it but then backed off.

Loomer won a primary in her district. She doesn’t quite represent the Republican Party just yet.


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