We told you last year about California Assemblywoman Lorena S. Gonzales, who was sponsoring AB5, a bill that pretty much promised to destroy freelancers’ and contractor’s livelihoods. The idea was to force employers to bring on gig economy workers (Uber, Lyft, etc.) and freelancers as full-time employees, but instead, for example, freelance writers were capped at 35 articles a year, effectively killing off their source of income.

Uber seems to have had enough, and one of the architects of the company’s shuttering, Los Angeles City Council Member Mike Bonin, was still crying about people going into business for themselves, voluntarily, without having to join a union.

Gonzalez got so upset hearing from all of the people who were going to lose their jobs to her bill that she told them they could “scream into the dumpster fire” that is Twitter for all she cared.https://twitter.com/Mangan150/status/1296200834305277952

California is just a big warning sign, isn’t it?