As sexual assault allegations were surfacing against Joe Biden, celebrity #MeToo activist Alyssa Milano published an op-ed in Deadline Hollywood explaining her support for Biden despite the Tara Reade allegation, twisting herself into quite a pretzel in the process. Whatever happened to “Believe Women” anyway?

It’s great timing that on the day Bill Clinton is to address the Democratic National Convention the Daily Mail published photos of the former president getting a neck massage from a 22-year-old Jeffrey Epstein victim because his neck was so stiff after falling asleep on the Lolita Express. CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski asked how Clinton is still getting prime-time speaking slots in a post #MeToo era. Seriously, even Democrats are anxious to hear from younger, more progressive speakers.

Is he really that much of a draw?

And that’s coming from a Democrat.

Let’s face it: Michelle Obama was the star speaker of the convention and they blew it by putting her on the first night.