We just checked in our archives for stories about Teen Vogue and the results really are amazing. We’ve learned from Teen Vogue that sleep is racist and how to properly perform anal sex. But Teen Vogue has a piece on what you need to know about Karl Marx and Marxism that it drags out every now and then and republishes, so it’s no surprise that the magazine would want to abolish landlords.

We’ve heard plenty suggest that rent be canceled and evictions prohibited during the COVID-19 crisis, but even Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez knew enough about economics to suggest that mortgage payments be suspended (though somebody up the chain is going to get screwed). She’s also said that “evictions at their core are about power,” not money, and Teen Vogue seems to agree that landlords should “no longer hold this sort of power over people’s lives.” Kandist Mallett writes:

There’s a disconnect between those in political office and the general public. That disconnect is wealth and class. The constitution was created by landowning white men, who were the only people who could vote for decades after this country’s founding. This legacy still guides the government’s funding priorities.

Instead of seeing housing as a right and something that should not be commodified, the state enlists its own armed forces — sheriffs and police — to remove occupants from residences if they cannot pay rent. The lack of protections for non-landowners should be to no surprise from a country founded on the genocide and colonization of indigenous peoples.

So the European colonizers were the first landlords and they evicted Native Americans from their homes?

A couple of years ago at least. For real.

Next up: Your subscription to Teen Vogue should be canceled.