Zeke Miller, the Associated Press’s White House reporter, noted in a brief tweet that President Trump had called Black Lives Matter “a Marxist group” during a call into “Fox & Friends” Wednesday morning.

Here’s video courtesy of the New York Post, which reports:

President Trump said Wednesday that Black Lives Matter is “a Marxist group that is not looking for good things for our country.”

Black Lives Matter is both a diverse social movement and the name of a national organization — whose leaders include co-founder Patrisse Cullors, who described herself and fellow co-founder Alicia Garza as “trained Marxists.”

The New York Post is correct in describing Black Lives Matter as two things: the national organization, and the kid who protests in the street carrying a Black Lives Matter sign made with poster board and markers, and who may or may not be a trained Marxist. It sure hasn’t stopped people like Mayor Bill de Blasio and just about every major sports franchise from fully embracing the organization, though.

Townhall’s Katie Pavlich was available for a quick fact-check of the president:

Have any of the corporations or organizations that have gotten in bed with Black Lives Matter actually read their platform?

But who could disagree with a group called “Black Lives Matter”?

P.S. Trump also called out Antifa, which no Democrat could manage to do at Sen. Ted Cruz’s hearing Tuesday:

Trump also told “Fox & Friends” he disapproves of the role of Antifa, or so-called “anti-fascist,” activists who have clashed with authorities in Portland and other cities since Floyd’s death in May.

Fact-check: Also true.