At last count, there were three giant Black Lives Matter murals on the streets of New York: the one in Brooklyn that got things started, the one Mayor Bill de Blasio help paint on Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower to troll the president, and one in Queens that also was painted with the help of de Blasio, who’s determined to have one in each borough.

As Twitchy reported, though, the mayor himself admitted that “city officials ignored their own application process for public art projects” for the murals.

Now the Tampa Bay Times is reporting that the “Back the Blue” mural in front of police headquarters in Tampa wasn’t approved by the city either.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, organizers “worked for weeks to get approval from the city” before painting the mural over the weekend:

Without a permit, [Kristen] Krutz said they used orange cones and their personal vehicles to block the road while they worked.

“The reason why we decided to proceed without a permit is because Black Lives Matter has murals all over the city that say Black Lives Matter, and they were not permitted,” Krutz said.

Krutz said she filed a records request with the city for permits issued for Black Lives Matter murals and was told none were issued.

The paper further notes that “the mural has been criticized on social media as ugly and difficult to read” and “some posts suggested ‘accidentally’ spilling paint over it.” We know of at least two people who “accidentally” spilled paint on the Black Lives Matter mural in Manhattan, but de Blasio had road crews out within hours to fix the mural, tweeting, “Nice try.”

Good question.

Plenty of people in the comments are calling it vandalism and calling out police for not shooting rubber bullets and tear gas at the 40 or so people who painted it — not that we remember police shooting rubber bullets at de Blasio for painting his murals without a permit.