Rep. John Lewis, a civil-rights icon, is getting a proper and respectful week-long send-off, complete with a eulogy/campaign speech by former President Barack Obama. Meanwhile, to Reuters, Herman Cain was just an “ex-presidential candidate who refused to wear a mask.”

We thought if we clicked through to the story, the opening paragraph might broaden his life story a bit, but no:

Herman Cain, a former Republican presidential candidate and supporter of President Donald Trump who pointedly refused to wear a mask during the coronavirus pandemic, has died after contracting COVID-19, his website said on Thursday.

Cain, 74, learned of his diagnosis on June 29, nine days after attending a Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he and many others crowded together without wearing face masks aimed at preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Hey Reuters, hire this guy:

So we just want to get this straight: Are Reuters and other news agencies guaranteeing that wearing a mask will prevent you from contracting the coronavirus? That would be news worth reporting if they could find a conclusive study.

To be fair, it was the Washington Post that called Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi an “austere religious scholar” and Qasem Soleimani a “revered military leader.”

Great, print it!

When Rep. Eric Swalwell passes away, make sure to note in the headline that he demanded people stop wearing masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.