Seriously, mainstream media; here’s a chance where you could do some good. Instead of always interviewing someone from Portland’s Wall of Moms or Wall of Veterans, or posting behind-the-scenes pieces on the iconic nude “Portland Athena” photo, use your media credentials to get inside the barrier around the federal courthouse the rioters are intent on burning down and embed yourselves with the federal agents. Don’t disclose their names, but do disclose who they are. Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security has to keep correcting media outlets that they are not troops and they’re not paramilitary.

Of course, civilian law enforcement doesn’t sound as evil as “stormtroopers” and “secret police” as Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called them (and claimed they’re “kidnapping” protesters over “graffiti”).

Anyway, both the public and Congress really could use a briefing on just who these people are. At first, the claim was that they were wearing “unmarked” uniforms, even though just about every photo disproves that. We mean, look at this:

Is it? Because that’s a stock photo from the Dissolve agency with their watermark all over it. Has anyone seen it in the wild in Portland? Oh, and the flag’s not backward.

Because it’s a stock photo.

Are there any photos from Portland of this insignia?

“Very disturbing if true.”

In any case, here’s Wolf on Friday’s night’s destruction:


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