It’s not that late, but we’re awfully tired of hearing about President Trump’s “paramilitary” force in Portland and absolutely nothing about the anarchists who’ve been rioting for more than 50 nights in a row and doing their best to burn down the federal courthouse, preferably with some feds barricaded inside. We knew Saturday when #PortlandKidnappings was trending on Twitter that this would dominate the news cycle this week, and it has — so why don’t CNN and MSNBC send reporters to downtown Portland to ask these allegedly unmarked federal agents who they are. Rep. Maxine Waters is a sitting congresswoman and has no idea what’s going on, apparently.

She does have a theory though: This could all just be a trial run for when Trump loses reelection. He’ll already have his secret police in the streets of major Democrat-led cities. Even Hillary Clinton has suggested that Trump might not “go quietly,” though we’re old enough to remember rioting in the streets of Portland after she lost in 2016.

Watch this nonsense courtesy of Townhall’s Julio Rosas:

They can’t imagine Trump voluntarily handing over the Oval Office because the concept escapes them — it doesn’t match the TDS-induced fantasies they’ve been entertaining since 2016.

We’re sure Joy Reid pushed back pretty hard.


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