As Twitchy reported Monday, a handful of Democratic mayors, led by Portland’s Ted Wheeler, wrote a letter to Congress calling for the immediate removal of federal agents from their cities and an investigation of their “unconstitutional terror tactics” — like trying to stop a mob that’s been trying for more than 50 nights to break into and burn down the federal courthouse in Portland.

MSNBC national affairs analyst John Heileman suggested that what President Trump is actually doing by threatening to send in “paramilitary units” is a “trial run” for trying to steal the election through force or intimidation.

Unbelievable. What does he think the burning down of the courthouse in Portland is a trial run for? Heileman doesn’t seem at all concerned with why Trump would send in the feds to quell a weeks-long riot intent on destroying federal property.

Now we want to check out the guy’s freezer for boutique ice cream.

Heileman really ought to put his money where his mouth is and join up with the anarchists in Portland to drive out Trump’s paramilitary force.


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