Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who had long since ceded control of his city’s downtown to anarchists, told President Trump that he neither wanted nor needed the federal government’s help in controlling the riots in the city which have been going on for weeks. In fact, his biggest concern wasn’t the rioters but “the violence federal officers brought to our streets.”

Without saying much about what they’re doing to contain violent protesters in their cities, several Democratic mayors signed on to Wheeler’s letter to Congress demanding the withdrawal of federal agents and “a congressional investigation of their unconstitutional terror tactics.”

Mayor Jenny Durkan? The one who let anarchists set up a no-cop “autonomous zone” over several blocks of Seattle until too many people were shot and killed for her comfort?

Speaking of violence, has Wheeler seen any of the videos of these peaceful protesters trying to burn down the federal courthouse again and again? Here’s Adweek’s diversity and inclusion reporter with some news about federal “troops” in these cities.

What do you mean you didn’t want your downtown small business walled into the Chinook Land Autonomous Territory?


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