We know next to nothing about the Black Lives Matters protesters who burst through a gate and marched down a private street in St. Louis to confront the mayor at her home, but thanks to the firefighters in the media, we know all about the McCloskeys, the two personal injury attorneys who brandished firearms when the marchers trespassed on their property. For one thing, we’ve learned that police executed a search warrant Friday evening and confiscated one of the weapons.

In a piece published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Saturday, we learn that the McCloskeys “have a long history of not backing down” — that is, they’re firm believers in property rights and — though it’s hard to believe since they’re both attorneys — they have a history of filing lawsuits.

Public records, which of course the press has decided it must sift through, show that the McCloskeys “are almost always in conflict with somebody, often concerning property rights.” Jeremy Kohler writes:

They filed a lawsuit in 1988 to obtain their house, a castle built for Adolphus Busch’s daughter and her husband during St. Louis’ brief run as a world-class city in the early 20th century. At the McCloskeys’ property in Franklin County, they have sued neighbors for making changes to a gravel road and twice in just over two years evicted tenants from a modular home on their property.

Mark McCloskey sued a former employer for wrongful termination and his sister, father and his father’s caretaker for defamation.

By filing so many lawsuits, the McCloskeys opened a large window onto their values and ambitions. Their lawsuits center on obtaining land, keeping people off of it, and forcing people to follow rules or make good on agreements. Sometimes the suits are about collecting damages for harm done to them.

The press obviously wants to make the McCloskeys the poster children for Second Amendment advocates and thus has to do what it can to make them look bad. But seriously, who’s surprised that a couple of attorneys have a history of filing lawsuits?

“Their lawsuits center on obtaining land, keeping people off of it, and forcing people to follow rules or make good on agreements.” Oh no!

We’d love to equally deep dives into the public records of some of the protesters.



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