Right after the George Floyd riots broke out and people were looting stores in Minneapolis, one of the most popular videos on Twitchy was a shot of well-armed black business owners standing guard over their small businesses. Looters did the smart thing and decided to move on.

There’s still a theme we see all the time in comments on Twitter, and that’s if blacks and people of color were armed, suddenly white Republicans would be all for gun control.

Rex Chapman recently did what absolutely no one had to do and reminded us that the Second Amendment applies to everyone (wouldn’t it be great if legislators could get that through their heads).

Which “people” didn’t like it? Be specific.

Novelist and filmmaker Allison Burnett was thrilled to see it because the only was to get the gun nuts on the right to consider gun control is to put firearms in the hands of people of color. Sounds racist as hell to us, but whatever.

Here’s Cam Edwards from Twitchy sister-site Bearing Arms:

We’ll allow it.

All we ever see on Twitter is that men (and even women apparently) who buy guns are compensating for having small penises. Maybe Burnett should ask his new black gun-toting friends if that’s true.