Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman (do not refer to him as Mr. Vindman or he will correct you) is best known for his testimony during President Trump’s impeachment and was said to have been offered the gig of Ukraine’s defense minister. Vindman was “escorted out” of the White House in February, though he hadn’t been fired per se; he’d just been removed from his NSC post six months earlier than from when his assignment would have expired.

Democrats were, of course, outraged that their new favorite military hero had been treated so badly by the White House, and now they can relive that anger now that Vindman has said he’s retiring from the military, blaming the White House for its “campaign of bullying, intimidation, and retaliation.”

Wait, who’s this Eric Ciaramella fellow? To this day not even Rep. Adam Schiff knows the identity of the whistleblower, or so he says.

Maybe the liberals can build a statue of Vindman in D.C. somewhere a statue of someone else was torn down by the mob.

* * *


We knew we’d hear from Vindman’s buddy Rep. Adam Schiff before the end of the day:

Who again left what where?