We’re not sure when this video was taken, but the tweet is dated July 4 and the Associated Press reported that on July 3, “several hundred protesters made a peaceful return trip Friday to the St. Louis mansion owned by a white couple whose armed defense of their home during an earlier demonstration earned them both scorn and support.”

If the first round of protesters breaking through a gate and marching through a private neighborhood toward the mayor’s house was considered to be a case of “fourth-degree assault by intimidation” by the protesters, we’re not sure how a mob reconvening outside your home isn’t also intimidation.

It was revealed that they’d donated thousands to ActBlue, yes.

Yes, this is apparently a public street that intersects with the private street on which the McCloskeys reside. No need to vandalize a gate this time.

Aren’t all of these “protesters” killing grandma by gathering in a large group? Oh, that’s right, studies say that Black Lives Matter protests actually slow the spread of the coronavirus. Science.