As Twitchy noted in a post Wednesday, the “Gang of Eight” congressional leaders were to be briefed Thursday morning on that New York Times bombshell that Russia, through the Taliban, had placed a bounty on the lives of U.S. troops in Afghanistan and President Trump had done nothing about, being a puppet of Putin and all. We said then that the veracity of the Times’ story would be evident in how many Democrats ran to the cameras to talk about what they’d just learned.

Fox News’ Chad Pergram noted how little had been said by those briefed Thursday. Both National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien and Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe have said the confidence in the intelligence just wasn’t there to bring it to the attention of the president or vice president.

It doesn’t mean there’s been complete silence, though. Speaker Nancy Pelosi found her way to a podium and said that “it’s a con” to claim the intel wasn’t 100 percent there.

Trump OK’d the sale of lethal weapons for Ukraine to use against Russia, something the Obama administration wouldn’t do. That’s not what we’d call soft on Russia.

Pelosi also called for sanctions against Russia over the alleged bounties.

Ordering commemorative pens? Eating gourmet ice cream?

If Rep. Adam Schiff pops up on the nightly offerings from CNN and MSNBC we wouldn’t be surprised.


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