Remember a week ago when NPR accompanied a story about right-wing extremists turning cars into weapons with a still from a video of a group of Black Lives Matter protesters reaching into a woman’s car, pulling her hair, and brandishing a handgun? The woman, who is black, got the hell out of there after she saw the gun and ran into a “protester” who jumped in front of her car. She wasn’t charged. NPR pulled the photo and reached back three years to find another one to support its narrative.

Now the Washington Post is reporting on a police officer in Detroit who “just floored it” — according to a protester — and plowed through a group of protesters, flinging off a few who’d climbed onto the hood.

The Washington Post reports:

In a news conference Monday, Detroit Police Chief James Craig defended the officers’ actions, saying that the cops “did the right thing.” Craig said that a rear window had been busted out and officers received reports of several protesters who were armed with hammers. The details around those reports remain unclear. Photos sent by the Detroit Police Department to The Washington Post show the SUV involved in the incident with its window busted out as well as dents and scratches.

The incident came at the end of another day of peaceful protests in Detroit, which have gone on for weeks nationwide following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in late May.

Funny that the Post can relate the accounts of protesters who were there without disclaimers but details around the police version of events “remain unclear.”

The protest was “largely peaceful,” according to the first sentence of the article.