The thing about protesters — and we’ve seen this before — is that they will literally throw themselves in front of a moving car rather than let it pass through one of their illegal human roadblocks. Something infects their brains and takes over.

As Twitchy reported earlier, the Washington Post reported on a Detroit police SUV whose driver “just floored it” and “plowed through” a large group of “largely peaceful” protesters who had surrounded the vehicle and reportedly broken out the back window. Did a few protesters who’d climbed on the hood of the SUV get flung off? Yes, they did.

It seems the Detroit Police Department didn’t enjoy the publicity and decided to release some dash cam video of police vehicles being surrounded by protesters, some of whom decided to lean up against the hood to force the drivers to stop.

It really does look like “The Walking Dead” out there. And here’s Detroit’s police chief giving a briefing on that SUV plowing through protesters.

And here’s a shot of the SUV with the back window smashed out.

If you’re having a mostly peaceful protest, could you march on the sidewalk and still get your point across?