There were protests Monday in Charleston, South Carolina around a monument to former Vice President John C. Calhoun, a proponent of slavery (and a Democrat). Some protesters brought signs defending the monument while Black Lives Matter protesters were out in force.

Tensions were high between the Calhoun defenders and Black Lives Matter, but then another protest group, called Stand As One, entered the fray and weren’t exactly welcomed by the BLM crowd. The group of white liberals carried signs reading “Cracker for Sale” and “Hang that Cracker,” and a few appeared to have body makeup replicating whiplash scars on their backs. “What if this was your (white) history” seemed to be their theme.

Thanks, but no thanks?

We thought it was a little cringe-worthy when Dan Cathy said he’d bought 1,500 shoe brushes so whites could show contrition and embarrassment by shining blacks’ shoes, but the whip makeup? No one asked for that.

Party’s over: