If you stick around to the end of the video, you’ll hear some very thoughtful statements by Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy during a panel discussion at Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia about showing a sense of contrition and humility, and this follows an anecdote about a white man getting on his knees and shining the shoes of an elderly black man at a revival.

It’s a nice anecdote as well, but then Cathy pulls out a shoe-shine brush he happened to have with him and then “shines” the shoes of the black man with whom he’s sharing the stage. Did the man want his shoes shined? Then he says he bought about 1,500 shoe-shine brushes and distributed them to Chick-fil-A operators and staff.

We understand that Cathy was, as he says, putting words to action, but it still seems odd to us that he literally put his brush to work on the first black man in sight. Is that weird, or is it just us? Couldn’t that be, say, embarrassing to the person?

Do we actually agree with Tariq Nasheed on something?

We doubt he carries the shoe brush around with him.

As we said, the story was fine — it was just the actual shoe-shining that made us cringe. At least ask first?


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