As we’ve pointed out before, the media narrative is settled: Black Lives Matters protests are held outdoors and are populated mostly by young people who are less at risk if they contract COVID-19, whereas President Trump’s rally in Tulsa is being held indoors and will be crowded with old people who are more susceptible to the coronavirus. But if being outside made you safe from the coronavirus, why was that lawyer dressing like the Grim Reaper and handing out body bags when they reopened beaches in Florida?

Wall Street Journal reporter Andrew Restuccia is in Tulsa for Saturday night’s Trump rally and made a note that most of the people aren’t wearing masks.

But the media might need the pandemic to hammer President Trump once the Black Lives Matter protests blow over and the news cycle shifts back to the election. One of Joe Biden’s biggest strengths is that he wasn’t in charge when the coronavirus hit.

But you see, those protests were all about racial justice, while Trump’s rally is just about his ego.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was all prepared to torch CNN’s Jim Acosta when he started whining about the rally, but that won’t stop other journalists from shifting gears for a few days back to the coronavirus.