This is really inexcusable on the part of CBS News, but then again, it’s CBS News. Racial tensions are at the breaking point, people are getting killed, cities are on fire, and CBS News decides to do what it can to pour some gasoline on the flames with a really irresponsible headline.

Wow, the white guy won’t face charges for shooting and killing a black protester? Is there any more to the story, Sophie Lewis?

James Scurlock, 22, was killed by Jacob Gardner, the owner of the Hive Bar and Gatsby Bar in Omaha’s Old Market neighborhood around midnight Saturday in the midst of protests against police brutality and George Floyd’s death.

The Douglas County Attorney’s Office determined Gardner acted in self-defense after interviewing the shooter and reviewing videos of the incident.

A grainy surveillance video of the shooting, played during the briefing, shows that Gardner backed up and pointed a gun after two people tackled him in the street. He initially fired two shots into the air that did not hit anyone.

After Scurlock jumped on his back, Gardner can be heard saying “get off me” many times before fatally shooting Scurlock once in the clavicle, Kleine said. Scurlock was taken to a local hospital where he died from his injuries.

“Mr. Gardner, as we know now, has said, ‘I did what I did to defend myself,’ and we find that we can’t disprove that from the evidence that we have,” Kleine said. In response to outrage on social media, Kleine added that there was not any “racial tone” to the conversations between Scurlock and Gardner.

CBS News was probably hoping to get its own George Floyd protests going, but it looks like people are reading past the headline.

Unreal. And if the races were reversed, would it even have made the news, let alone the national news?