If we know anything about the mainstream media, it’s that they default to the descriptor “mostly peaceful” to describe any leftist protest that goes bad and turns violent. It looks like NBC News is doing its best to keep the mostly peaceful narrative alive in Washington, D.C., where President Trump “tear-gassed” mostly peaceful protesters to clear the way for his walk to St. John’s.

Daily Caller media reporter Shelby Talcott was in D.C. early this morning (not when people like Elizabeth Warren are strolling along with their husbands and dogs in tow) and caught an NBC News crew being accosted by mostly peaceful protesters.

We don’t know if Antifa had anything to do with it, but we do know Antifa is not happy being recorded on video — any video.

NBC News doesn’t seem to want to address it, but maybe it’ll make Brian Stelter’s newsletter. CNN does like to make a big deal of journalists under attack (by the president or his press secretary).

Yeah, that doesn’t work.

Was this a chapter in Jim Acosta’s book about how dangerous it is to be a journalist during the Trump era?