The 2020 field of Democratic presidential candidates sure had a lot of big plans for the first day of their presidency. Sen. Kamala Harris promised to repeal the GOP tax cuts on Day 1, but we’re not so sure how without Congress on board. Tom Steyer said he’d use the emergency powers of the presidency on Day 1 of his administration to address climate change. Sen. Bernie Sanders was on his first day on the job going to undo everything President Trump has done to harm and demonize illegal immigrants.

Joe Biden, though, is giving himself 100 days to tackle the problem of institutional racism in the United States. The Associated Press says Biden’s seeking “to elevate his voice,” which is certainly true.

As plenty have pointed out, Biden was vice president for eight years under the first African-American president and spent decades in Congress, so we’re not sure what he’s going to do in his administration to stop the rioting that plagued cities like Ferguson and Baltimore during the Obama administration.

And President Trump has already moved to correct some of those errors by passing the First Step Act.

Seriously, this editor found three years of Resistance marches to be a nice break from all of the Black Lives Matter rioting that took place during the second half of the Obama administration. If this is bad, it was so much worse under Obama and Biden.