This big outrage Wednesday was Sean Spicer joining “Dancing With the Stars,” but had that not happened, we probably would have heard more about the Trump administration’s changes to the Flores settlement, which forced the government to release children who had crossed the border illegally with their parents after 20 days in custody.

The new rules are meant to keep families together during immigration proceedings, but not shockingly at all, Democrats like Bernie Sanders called the changes “racist.”

If there’s one thing we can’t pass up, it’s a candidate’s “On Day 1” tweets. (It wasn’t exactly Day 1, but on Day 2 of his administration, Barack Obama issued an executive order to close Guantanamo Bay within 100 days.)

The thing is, Sanders has been a senator forever. What’s been keeping him from reforming the country’s immigration laws himself?

Maybe if Sanders hadn’t been running for president since 2015 he might have paid more attention to the immigration laws that the Border Patrol and ICE are stuck enforcing while being demonized for it.