George Floyd and Black Lives Matter protesters were being peaceful in St. Paul, Minnesota Tuesday afternoon. The only problem — CNN and Jake Tapper decided to cut to their man on the scene during five minutes of silent protest, and the protesters did not appreciate CNN talking. CNN eventually cut away from the scene after someone put a hand over the camera lens.

They did manage to get in a dig at President Trump before they were shushed. Check out that chyron: Sounds like fake news; as Twitchy reported earlier, a reporter on the scene at the time said police used smoke bombs and not tear gas on protesters to clear the way for the president’s photo-op.

The 24/7 pandemic news cycle was over once the media hit their target of 100,000 deaths. Now we’ve all moved on.

“Multiple sources”? Like MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who said it was “documented” that the violent protesters were white supremacists? This source says otherwise:

But back to CNN …

Journalists have wanted to make this about journalists this whole time, so good job CNN.