During these unacceptable nationwide riots, the national press has been reliably intolerable. For the first days the media went out of its way to reclassify what it was we were actually seeing, trying to insist on how everything was peaceful as we can see mobs in the background as well as buildings on fire.

Phase-2 for these arbiters of truth was to go out their way to both support the cause but also make a point of stating how the riots were wholly separate from the demonstrations. On Saturday in Los Angeles, when police began pushing back on demonstrators it was said they did so unprovoked. We just had to ignore the scores of police vehicles vandalized, and even set on fire.

Now the media is moving on to the next Phase-3, which involves detailing those suffering the most — the Journalists! On his Sunday broadcast of Reliable Sources, Brian Stelter opened with a lengthy segment on the travails visited upon media members covering the riots they so adore. Tater was also upset that President Trump had not delivered enough condemnation about the violence they experienced.

Now Vanity Fair has done the same.

Calderone linked to a piece from his Hive vertical over at VF, and is is all about draping the press as dignified martyrs — all while quoting Brian Stelter. Yes, really. He provides a pull quote where Stelter had said that mostly reporters wanted to focus on the communities they cover, ”not on their own safety concerns.” Suuuuuurrre.  The press coverage has been all about downplaying the violence and justifying the activities we have seen. There has been scant concern over these communities.

”Reporters don’t want to be the story,” he quotes Stelter as saying — and then proceeds to deliver a lengthy story that was about nothing, except the press. They, the real victims, have become targets.

So much truth behind this. It was a similar feeling felt when the riot was damaging the CNN headquarters Friday night. These riots are the Frankenstein’s monster that the press helped create. Hard to weep much when they absorb the negative effects.

Something to note, of course, is how Calderone fails to mention the numerous times we have seen the press coming under attack, not from the police, but from the protestors/rioters/conscientious objectors. Somehow those are not worthy sob stories.

We have to assume that, despite the attached drama, when rioters attack the media it disrupts the narrative. So these instances do not count.

Here is the final concern; if the press feels they are unjustly being attacked by the police does this mean THEY will become the next group taking to the streets in protest and start rioting?? It is assumed this would be a relatively brief uprising. Since they would be busy acting up in the streets anyone remaining to report on their antics would be too apathetic to cover the story.

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