It has been remarkable for the past few days, watching the media insist to its audience that the riots flaring up across the country are actually peaceful demonstrations. There have been outright examples of gaslighting, with an insistence of calm protests, all while mobs and burning buildings are in the camera frame, and even while a bottle was thrown during a live feed.

But something curious seems to have taken place — CNN, after days of insisting how tranquil and calm the protests truly are has changed its script. Thee network has actually been able to come forward and declare that violent riots were taking place. We have to ponder just what might have inspired this significant shift in its messaging.

”Violent protests”, you say? That is a refreshingly sober assessment.

Well yes Sam, you are correct. But this is CNN; let’s allow for baby-steps in the dawning process.

Dana Loesch, exhibiting the empirical wisdom, had a helpful suggestion for the network.

That’s straight fire from her.

This is nothing but true. Before last night the network could not go far enough to make excuses for the violence.

One thing of note however is a lack of condemnation, still. Which is rather stark once you consider that, just weeks ago, we were treated to shrieks of outrage over the gathering of protestors at the Michigan Capitol. Recall how demonized those protests had been, then note something significant — there were no reports of violence.

Pretty jarring footage, but one thing of note; no one in the press is declaring that the rioters ”stormed” the CNN building. Interesting, that.

Even so, there are those attempting to pass the blame away. It is a desperate move to blame the riots on others.

Yea, about that…

Seems there are fans of the network who have learned the gaslighting methods of the talking heads. Maybe it is a contagious condition.



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