We could do an endless number of posts showing “mostly peaceful” George Floyd protesters rioting, throwing objects at police, smashing windows, setting fires, etc. It appears some “protest” group in South Dakota decided to smash the windshields of a bunch of state-owned vehicles, which Gov. Kristi Noem points out were used for transporting students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

We hear both potential VP pick Kamala Harris and some of Joe Biden’s campaign staff are raising money to bail out anyone arrested during the protests.

They too are posting bail for protesters, and Chrissie Teigen reportedly put up $500,000 in the bail-out effort.

The one Antifa goons set on fire during the inauguration? The one that turned out to be owned by a Muslim immigrant?

Were they insured? Well then, there’s no point in complaining, governor; Sally Kohn wants you to get your priorities straight. Nobody died, right?


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