To be honest, we’re still trying to catch up on the Dem/media narrative on those seen in U.S. cities looting and destroying property. Over the weekend the spin was that the people doing the destruction were “white supremacists” or maybe Russia-funded professional agitators of some sort. Then, some Joe Biden campaign staffers started raising money for bail intended for people arrested on charges related to laws that were broken while protesting. Some Hollywood celebs have also donated to a fund that will supposedly go toward bail money. As a result of all that, we’re guessing the “white supremacist” narrative has been put on indefinite hold, especially now that Kamala Harris has gotten in on the “raise bail money” push (that will also no doubt benefit her and the Dems):

Gee, the people who have lost property to all the looting and destruction must feel so relieved.

Harris and the Dems have their priorities.


Never let a crisis go to waste.

Maybe some intrepid reporter can ask Harris about the turn of events: