As Twitchy has reported, MSNBC’s Joy Reid has said it’s been documented that those among the George Floyd protesters doing the looting and setting the fires are white supremacists, which Reza Alsan clarified by saying they were also Trump supporters.

A lot of Hollywood celebrities are tweeting from their mansions that they’re donating to groups that are bailing out those arrested during the rioting, which seems odd because they’re white supremacist Trump supporters they’re bailing out.

Reuters is reporting that a group of Joe Biden staffers is also raising money for the bail-out effort, which again doesn’t make sense.

There seems to be some cognitive dissonance here, because an account going by the handle Biden Brigade has shown that it was a group of white people in Oakland who were destroying property, and were likely Trump supporters in a false-flag operation.

“Surreal Outrage” sure did call it right away … Russia started the riots.

Yeah, kind of like Antifa all dress alike and wear masks, but Trump supporters.

That’s some Scooby-Doo-level sleuthing right there.

Thanks, we’ll be certain to get the word out that Russian-directed Trump supporters are dressing like Antifa and vandalizing cities so that blacks will be blamed. It’s important people know the truth.