Stacey Abrams, who claims she’s not actively rallying to be Joe Biden’s pick for vice president, seemed to have had her dream crushed during an MSNBC town hall with Biden and host Lawrence O’Donnell, and now we’ve learned that Sen. Amy Klobuchar is being vetted for the position.

We’re not sure whether we’d like Biden to pick Abrams or not because we’re not certain if she’d be enough of a drag on his already flaccid campaign. But we know we wouldn’t want her anywhere near the White House, especially when she calls it “weaponization” if illegal aliens aren’t able to vote for someone to represent them.

They could vote in their countries if they wanted to.

But it’s speeches exactly like this one that will appeal to Democrat voters; the ones who want a more diverse leadership and yet whittled their choice of nominees to two elderly white men.