As Twitchy recently reported, John Gleeson, the retired judge Judge Emmet Sullivan has appointed to look into the possibility of charging Michael Flynn with contempt of court for perjury, said he’d have his amicus brief filed by June 10. It looks like an appeals court panel isn’t willing to wait around that long for Sullivan to explain what he’s going to do about dropping the case.

CNN reports:

Former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn may not need to wait months for answers in court to the Justice Department dropping his case.

A three-judge appeals court panel ordered the trial judge overseeing Flynn’s case, Emmet Sullivan, to explain by June 1 what the court should do with Flynn’s emergency request to force the dismissal of his case.

The Justice Department, which is seeking to drop the lying charge to which Flynn pleaded guilty, is also allowed to chime in, the appeals court said.

On Tuesday, Sullivan set a schedule to hear arguments well into July about whether he must dismiss the case against Flynn, as the Justice Department has requested.

Just dismiss the case, clown.

It looks like Sullivan might not be able to drag this out until the election after all.