As Twitchy reported back in January, Twitter was considering adding a new “feature” — once someone wrote a tweet, they could limit who could reply … anyone, only people they follow, or only people tagged in the tweet itself. In other words, journalists and other blue-checks who hammered out hot takes could limit replies to conform to their preferred safe space.

Twitter is apparently now rolling out the feature for testing:

Everyone is still welcome to like the tweets, but that’s it if the original poster so chooses. Keep in mind, this comes right on the heels of Twitter’s auto-Karen feature that asks if you really want to send that possibly hurtful tweet, like, “But ‘fat’ is a synonym for ‘morbidly obese,’ right?”

We really don’t understand why people don’t just use direct messages if they only want to interact with one or two people. We guess because they think what they’re saying needs to be seen by the public.